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general questions

+ what areas do you serve?

Poptopia Balloons serves the Monterey County region, including: Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley, Del Rey Oaks, Seaside, Marina, Salinas, Big Sur. 

We are open to traveling, but we do have order minimums based on the distance. 

+ how do I order?

Thank you for this POPportunity to work with you, we can't wait. First, check out our offerings as well as our previous work here on the website or on Instagram to get an idea of what you might be interested in. Next, decide on your budget - you can use our custom quote calculator​ to help you. Lastly, get in touch with us and tell us all about your special moment using the contact form, we can't wait to hear from you! 

+ do you have an order minimum? 

We do not have an order minimum for pickup/grab & go balloons, however we do have a minimum $75 install fee. 

+ can you deliver my order? 

Most definitely, check out our delivery details here.

+ how far ahead should I place my order? 

The sooner the better, typically Poptopia is booked out approximately 4 weeks in advance, we find that booking 6 weeks+ prior to your event seems to be the sweet spot - however we can take orders up to one year in advance from your event. The best way to ensure you are on our books is to get scheduled asap, we are busiest in the spring & summer. We will always do our best to accommodate last-minute requests depending on the size and details of the request.

Please note: 

If you are placing a rush order, we will do our very best to accommodate your needs, however this may incur a rush order fee (cost determined by order size & details). If your desired delivery/pickup is within 72 hours, please fill out the contact form and then call us immediately. 

+ what is your refund/cancellation policy? 

All deposits are nonrefundable. Once we save your date, we turn away other work in order to accommodate your request. If we can move your deposit to another date, we can most certainly consider that and will happily accommodate if possible.


In the case that payment is made in full upfront and cancellation was communicated at least three weeks prior to the event, we will refund the difference payment less the nonrefundable deposit. 

For example: Payment made in full of $1500, including deposit of $300, you will receive a refund of $1200 if your cancellation was communicated 3+ weeks prior to event. 

balloon questions

+ how long do the balloons last?

*** Once balloons are in place and we have left the premises, we can't guarantee the lifespan of the balloons, however below is a description of some scenarios we have seen or circumstances that we recommend. 


We've heard of some Jumbo Balloons lasting for up to 6 months! However, we cannot guarantee the lifespan on your balloon. There are some ways to make sure your balloon has the best chance for survival though - 1. keep it inside at a consistent temperature, away from heat (vents, dishwashers, light bulbs, fireplaces, windows with direct sun, etc.) or bursts of cold air (vents, etc.) 2. keep your balloon in a place where it does not experience wind from a door opening/closing that can bump into something sharp that will pop it! As your balloon ages it may start to hover closer to the floor, this is due to the weight on the tassels. If you want to continue enjoying your art piece, you can cut the tassels off and it will last even longer!

Air Filled:

Garlands that have been installed outside and left outside may last up to two days (the swing in temperature from hot to cold back to hot can definitely take their life faster). Typically outdoor installations do best in the shade (see question below for more information.) If we have installed your garland outside, we'll show you how to cut it down, and recommend you take the balloons inside (where they will last longer). For garlands that have been installed inside, we have heard of someone keeping theirs up for 4+ months! It just depends on how much direct sun, heat, cold, etc. that it sees.

We cannot guarantee the lifespan of our creations, however if you have specific worries regarding longevity, please be sure to mention this to your stylist. 

+ how do the balloons hold up outdoors?  

We will always consult with you about your event (the details of where balloons are going, what the direct sunlight situation is, the flow of your party, the length of your event, etc.) so we can ensure a smooth installation and event. For the longest possible lifespan of balloons, we do recommend indoor installations. We also have this guidance on being outdoors with your balloons:

Direct Sunlight/Heat:

Heat and balloons are not best friends, however, we do everything in our power to ensure your Poptopia creations will last as long as possible!


For helium balloons, we recommend placing them in shaded areas, away from anything sharp that could poke them (direct sun can cause the balloon to expand beyond its limit and pop - but not a good kind of pop). If you have a helium Confetti balloon (a clear jumbo filled with confetti) please note that they can become cloudy if left outside in the direct sun.

For air filled installations, we recommend having them installed in shaded areas that will not experience direct sunlight. You may experience a pop or two if your event is mid-day in the direct sun. This is normal and should not impact the overall construction and presentation of the garland.


Wind is a tricky one. We use double the recommended weight in our hand-made weights on your helium balloons. However, that does not mean they can withstand extra strong winds! If you experience strong winds, we recommend taking your Pop Helium Balloons inside.

For airfilled installations outdoors, we secure in multiple spots to ensure the garland does not go anywhere. However, strong gusts of wind can shift things on the garland slightly. This should not impact the overall design of the garland.


We do offer an add-on option to double-stuff balloons to make them more durable, this helps for longevity as well - if you're invested in this option, please be sure to mention to your stylist. 


+ what kind of balloons do you use? 

We use the highest quality, natural, 100% biodegradable latex balloons. It is a common misconception that latex balloons are a plastic product, but latex actually comes from a renewable resource. Harvested from rubber trees, latex balloons are a plant-based product. Ask us about take-down and disposal when you place your order.

Poptopia Balloons does not support the release of balloons into the sky and we do our best to be good stewards of the earth. Read more about our sustainability and options for disposing of your balloons on our about page.

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