About Us

Sarah Laflan

Founder & Visionary

Welcome to Poptopia! I’m Sarah, the founder of Poptopia Balloons and I live on the Monterey Peninsula, nestled among the whimsical homes of Pacific Grove and steps from the majestic Pacific Ocean. I have always loved planning special events and the pure joy of any kind of celebration.

Have you ever done the Color Code personality test?  I was born a yellow: a natural fun chaser, enthusiasm expert, and joy giver. When I was a little girl my family was amazed at my attention to detail— I was always noticing the beauty around me. I also had an acute awareness of colors and patterns. And if it shimmered? Forget it, I was hooked! So it’s no wonder that out of my lifelong passion for beauty and fun, Poptopia Balloons was born.

Sarah Laflan.jpg

Poptopia allows me to combine my fun-loving personality, my brain that never turns off, and my love of bringing happiness to everyone! This little business is my pride and joy. It’s full of color, beauty, creativity, joy, and all things FUN!


THANK YOU for choosing us to celebrate the special people and memorable milestones in your life. You are Poptopia’s who, what, and why. I am truly so grateful to have the POPportunity to bring our happy spark to your special days.